An aerosol can is mass produced by the impact extrusion process with minimum 99.7 % pure aluminium. Subsequent internal protective coating for compatibility with the contents and external decoration for aesthetic appeal and brand image is done to suit market and customers requirements on Advanced Manufacturing lines.
Bharat Containers has also developed in house special effects like surface brushing, Metallic, Pearl, Matt finishes to suit market demands.
The Monobloc Aerosol Can is an ideal form of packaging and dispensing a product.

The latest world figures prove that this form of packaging is to grow further in the future with wide applications in varied industries, like Toiletries, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Insecticides, Industrial etc. etc.

We offer you a complete range of aluminium extruded monobloc aerosol containers ranging from 10ml to 500 ml. in actual fill capacities. Specially geared to match the packing requirements Toiletries, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Insecticides & Industrial Products and to withstand pressures above 200 PSI without deformation.

Manufactured in accordance to internationally set specifications with maximum advantages i.e. leak Proof, higher Pressures, Unbreakable, resistant to corrosion, light and air proof, heat resistant, Seamless and environment friendly compared to tin plate.